Monday, June 13, 2005


I have updated the front page of the Vellum website. In addition to adding actual content, I've linked a new screenshot there. Have a look.

Sunday, June 12, 2005

Gnoll Chieftain's Hut

Dvethen ir'Wyran visited the Gnoll Chieftain's hut when he went back to the Gnoll Huddle to search for clues to his sister's disappearance.

Game Session, 2005.06.12

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Sunday, June 05, 2005

Game Session, 2005.06.03

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In addition, this took place.

Friday, June 03, 2005

Gods of Gabbent

Morrigan is the goddess of inevitable strife. In this role she has aspects of fate, war, victory, and the honor of meeting one's doom with head held high. She often appears, in mourning, to combatants as they go to meet their final destinies. Morrigan's statues and idols depict a naked woman with a fan of long spears in each hand and symbolic tattoos of power covering her breasts.

Morrigan's domains include: Chaos, Death, Destruction, Evil, Good, Strength, and War.

Her followers bear a disk with an engraved fan of spears as their symbol.
Oghma is the champion of knowledge and mastery of one's arts. He champions technology, useful deception, literacy, arcana, and rhetoric. He is most often depicted in painting or tapestries, as it is thought to be blasphemy to sculpt an image of Oghma. In these he is depicted as a hulking, disfigured giant with intelligent eyes. Oghma is sometimes called Silent Oghma because spells of divination, which are his specialty, are not always answered.

Oghma's domains include: Evil, Fire, Good, Knowledge, Luck, Magic, Mind, and Trickery.

A neckband, embroidered with words in the secret tongue of Oghma, is worn by Oghma's priests. The words vary from neckband to neckband, but all are passages taken from his holy books.
The Daghda
The Daghda is the god of ascendence of civilization over nature. He has aspects of protecting crop growth, ensuring fertility, and the building of roads and cities. Daghda is often depicted as a very tall rotund man, sometimes with a large protruding penis.

The Daghda's domains include: Earth, Evil, Good, Healing, Law, Protection, and Travel.

The Daghda's worshippers carry a shallow woven basket with a ewered edge as their symbol.
Mannannan Lir
Mannannan Lir is in many ways the antithesis of The Daghda. His dominion is over the natural realm, beginning from the sea and spreading outward. He personifies the ascendence of natural environs over civilization. He is thought to be responsible for the weather and natural disasters, as well as the growth of the forest, the movements of rivers and the abundance of fauna in the world.

Mannannan's domains include: Air, Animal, Evil, Good, Plant, Sun, and Water.

For a holy symbol, Mannannan's priests wear a 6'-long necklace of shells and lightning bolts carved from wood, wrapped around their necks several times.

These gods appear in many different aspects throughout Gabbent, usually with variant names and appearances. None of these gods is aligned; beings of all different alignments may worship the one with which they are philosophically compatible. Neither is there any restriction on race to worship one of these gods. Though they are known by different names, the same gods are constant throughout Gabbent.