Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Welcome Page, updated

This entry should help new players to the game get acquainted with how things work.

If you do nothing else, join the Google Group linked below so you can ask questions about the rest.

Important links for players:
Google Group: link

We have an email component. Apply to join this group if you are interested. This is a great place to seek help, ask questions, meet the players and play by email. I also make announcements on here.

IRC: #vellum on freenode

Games are conducted on IRC. Use an IRC client such as mIRC, Pidgin, Xchat, etc. to join us in #vellum on freenode - our server and channel.

If you are having any trouble with any of the software or character creation, please join us on IRC in this channel where it will be easiest for us to help you.

RPTools Maptool: download link

Make sure to download Version 1.3 of Maptool. Maptool is the "virtual game table" - how I help players visualize the map they're in.

Halfrest: link

This is an online character pastebin. You may create your character directly in here by using the Template button or create it elsewhere and paste it here, but your character will be available online from here. Our character pages are editable plain text (actually a format known as RestructuredText which is easy to read and write and formats nicely).

The DM recommends using Its All Text, a Firefox extension, for editing the character sheet in Halfrest.

Intro Story: link

Condensed version of events to this point, for catching up and figuring out your character's background story.

Game Sessions Calendar: Nest of Candles Calendar

We play approximately 2 sessions a month, usually on Tuesday evenings (PST).
And, if you're curious about my maps and want to make your own: I use Dundjinni.

Sunday, April 12, 2009

From the Lower Planes

A thing from the Abyss has attacked the party.  In a whirlwind of action, Ellira illuminates the scene with daylight while the rest of the party desperately tries to hit the monster, to no avail.  Crom, seeing Tiffy's mortal danger, rushes the monster but it simply knocks him back, snarling and laughing in its gory language.

But Maurice manages to strike first, inflicting wounds on it with a spell and drawing its wrath.  It lashes back at him when he tries to make a move across the battlefield, and as the other party members strike, it seems to heal from all injuries and deal back twice as much damage as they would have caused.

Soon Crom is bleeding, but still protecting Tiffy as her spells whittle away at the demon's hit points with missile after missile.  Dev flails in vain, unable to do much worse than scratches to this thing which simply ignores steel weapons.  But Maurice has a solution: he casts align weapon on Crom and Dev's weapons while Tiffy continues to plug away with the magic missiles.

Between Dev's bow, Crom's Ungarik, Tiffy's missiles and the babau's claws and teeth, the battlefield becomes a shower of blood but when it clears, the party stands over the underworlder's vacant corpse.

Maurice celebrates the occasion by animating it as a zombie.

Tuesday, April 07, 2009

Game Session, 2009.04.07

Posted to Google Docs.