Thursday, January 10, 2008

The Briar Spade, part I

During a lull in the main action, some of the characters (Dev and Shara and Ellira) are asked to help rebuild the Cataract, the power source of Jeraslan.

To do this, they must focus on a way to protect the workers. While investigating the ruined wheelhouse of the cataract, they are apparently attacked by a wall of thorns that completely encases them.

They meet a strange rat, who talks to them, and an elf dressed as a lowlander appears to speak to them, then passes into the thorn wall when they agree to help by visiting the swamp to get him an ingredient he needs. Fill in details from Nate.

Game Session, 2007.04.xx?

This is the one where they reach Olemcorro and begin looking for the library of the Blue Companions. They interview a temple priest of Oghma, who suggests they look for the keeper. Also, they meet Jaleese, a strange woman.

Session log apparently lost to the mists of time.