Sunday, May 22, 2005

The Gnoll Huddle

The party enters the Conclave of Servants in Tulerohk to give an abstract of their adventure in Grimcatch. In the middle of their description, a council member by the name of Spyridon Dara publicly accuses Dev of committing the murder of his own sister. The heroes narrowly avoid a bloody fight in the middle of the meeting when Lucas, acting on a suggestion by Crom, invokes his right to accept Dev's surrender, and Spyridon backs down when he is magically charmed by Rade's surreptitious spell.

Having gotten away from the law, at least for now, the heroes are sent on a dangerous mission: free a large group of lowlander elves from the clutches of the gnolls, so the gnoll huddle can be destroyed without risking their hostages.

This is the plan they execute. First, they have Lucas' forces create a distraction by attacking the gnolls' hunting party. As soon as the hunting party is stopped, Lucas' troops move into position to the north of the camp and the gnoll huddle erupts in frenzied action. Then the PCs, invisible, sneak into the camp, deftly avoid the gnolls, dispatch the guards outside the prison, set the chief gnoll's hut alight, and end by locking themselves inside as a swarming mass of gnolls constrict on them.