Friday, February 20, 2009

The Glass is Half Cracked

The adventurers come out on a glass platform that seems to alter in response to their presence.  They use a grappling hook to move from the chain to the platform, then notice that glass trees are growing from the platform, and undulating glass blobs are moving toward them in the sky.

While investigating the blobs, Crom is surprised by some kind of gray undead humanoid, which moves very fast down the chain.  Crom flees back onto the platform, but the humanoids leap down onto the heroes as a flock of vultures moves in.  Maurice turns the undead and the party quickly slaughters the vultures and undead, with Tiffy supplying the final killing fire.

The characters move north, where they find a glass gangway separating two glass platforms.  The glass on either side of the gangway is thin, while the middle section is massively thick and heavy.  As they cross one by one, the thin sections become progressively more cracked, until Crom manages to break the platform completely!  The party's forethought at tying a rope at either end saves Crom from a fall to his doom, but Crom is still left hanging on for dear life when a bunch of the humanoid undead attack from the northern platform.

Once again Maurice turns the undead, and Dev picks off another vulture, while Tiffy hauls Crom back to safety.