Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Secrets of the Blue Agents

[This summary was created by Nate.  Thanks Nate!]

Dev and Jago talk while Meraud and the others sleep.  The highlights:
  • Jago confirms off-handedly that he is a vampire.
  • They struggle to establish trust without disclosing any potentially damaging information.
  • Dev says outright that he doesn't trust Jago or Meraud.
  • Jago is aware that Dev is Iluvien's brother, but since he didn't trust Iluvien either, this doesn't help.
  • In a gesture of goodwill, Jago tells Dev more of Occulke and the War of Keyholes.  Apparently Clattermouth directed the tar orphans (the headless flyers) and the ghasts that were attacking us.  Occulke sent/controlled the tentacle thing.  "Occulke protects his own".  But because his argument does not build upon anything Dev already knows, it doesn't give Dev a reason to trust.  Jago could be lying, and the entire episode with the ghasts, the flyers, and the tentacles could be a ruse to drive us to Jago and Meraud.
  • Jago begs Dev to give him a reason to trust him.  Dev takes a risk and tells him about finding the heron-marked coins in the caverns below the roots.  Jago says this confirms something he had already suspected - something about "Jester" - but does not elaborate.  Apparently this is not sufficient.
  • Still searching for a path to common ground, Dev asks Jago what he needs to trust him.  Jago asks "what have you done for us recently?".  Dev mentions killing ghasts, fighting harpies and gnolls, killing grimlocks.  He mentions fighting the blue dragon, which elicits surprise and skepticism from Jago.  When Jago realizes that the fight with the dragon occurred in Olemheiden - far from the blue dragon's natural habitat - he becomes alarmed.  He asks where the dragon came from.  Dev replies that he doesn't know, but that he suspects that the dragon may have come from beneath the orulins, which further agitates Jago.
  • Finally, Jago asks what else has happened in Olemheiden recently.  When Dev mentions the earthquake, Jago starts using ALL CAPS.  HE WAKES MERAUD AND YELLS THAT THE TRUSS IS BROKEN.