Sunday, February 25, 2007

Plot Recap as of Saturday, February 24, 2007

A brief recollection of the events that have transpired so far during the Nest of Candles campaign, "The Precarious Earth".


The Nest of Candles is the name of the campaign set on the world of Gabbent. The campaign so far centers around a forest region named Olemheiden. You will want to read this background material to start with, which describes the chapter known as "The Breaking of Jeraslan".

The story continues in Grimcatch, where the players fought and defeated a grimlock army that could have killed Jeraslan outright.

Returning from Grimcatch, the characters are forced into political intrigue in their new home, the orulin named Tulerohk, at the Conclave of Servants. There, one of the characters, a rogue named Dev, is accused of murder--the murder of his own sister. This accusation occurs at a time when the party is needed to destroy an infestation of gnolls which has kidnapped many of the "lowlander" elves, the elves which live on the forest floor in burrows and do not climb the orulin trees.

The captain of the Blue Companions, a paladin named Lucas, is put in charge of Dev during the raid on the Gnoll Huddle. (Follow the link for a description of the events in the Gnoll Huddle as well as the confrontation in the Conclave of Servants.)

Against a storm of gnolls, the party holds the prison where the lowlander elves were being kept successfully, keeping the prisoners safe long enough for Lucas to storm the village by surprise. They slay every last gnoll, and make a pyre of their bodies.

Among the prisoners they discover Iluvien ir'Wyren, sister of Dev, the very person he was accused of murdering. She is still alive, and she tells a story of being kidnapped by thugs sent by Spyridon Dara--the very council member who accused Dev of murder! This discovery clears Dev's name, but no sooner are brother and sister reunited than Iluvien flees rather than be taken back to Tulerohk. Dev chases her, with Shara close on his heels. She runs into the forest near the village and, with a twist of her arm, summons some sort of globe that squirms around her and then vanishes, with her still inside.