Wednesday, March 04, 2009

Glass Arcade, cont'd

After turning away a bunch of ghasts, the party collects the treasure of the creatures, having to retch only a few times at the corrupt odor hanging over it.  Once they sack away their loot, they pursue, and discover the ghasts have climbed up a series of glassy vines to the other side.

Crom, feeling bored, pursues the monsters up the vine, expecting to chase them onto another platform.  He is surprised, however, when he reaches the midpoint between the platforms and suddenly finds himself falling towards the undead monsters!  He slips and crashes to the ground.  Dev, also in hot pursuit makes the same blunder, and soon the ghasts have paralyzed both of the prone party members.  The rest of the party manages to keep disaster at bay though, for, before the killing strike lands, Maurice once again turns the creatures, and Ellira finishes the last remaining one off with a spell that renders its flesh into earthy moss.