Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Maze of Sharps

Having been worn down by the monsters, the party decides to rest.  But they're not back in the woods yet; this is still the Glass Arcade, and danger is lurking.  As the spellcasters rest to recover their spells, Dev keeps watch, and is soon attacked by the everpresent vultures.  With a flurry of arrows he dispatches them, and except for occasionally noticing the turned ghasts watching them from afar, the remainder of the rest period passes uneventfully.

The party is then faced with crossing a worn-smooth glass tube that connects their platform to the next one.  Though the ghasts have disappeared, their threat seems ever-present.  They begin to cross to the other side, finding their a maze of some kind, its 9' tall walls made of spines of sharp glass.  Despite the danger of falling, all of the party manages to reach the other side safely . . . but one.  Tiffy still remains on the tube when the ghasts finally reappear.  One of them bounds over the wall and makes a beeline for her, taking blows along the way but pursuing her with a single-minded desire to knock her off to her doom.

As more ghasts jump over the wall and attack the party, Tiffy is forced to defend herself from the creature's attacks, surviving and managing to remain un-paralyzed until Maurice, thinking quickly, destroys it with positive healing energy, scattering its ashes over Tiffy.  Dev and Ellira take out the other two with arrows and spells, leaving the world once again in silence.

But they are not alone.  The sounds of movement and wailing and growling echo through the maze.  They begin to pursue, finding the passageways mostly empty, the only evidence of occupation a devoured vulture.  (The vultures continue to circle overhead.)  They cautiously round corner after corner, staying together for safety, and get nothing but the echoes of running feet coming from who-knows-how-far away.

Suddenly, as they round a corner, the green world goes black, the first time they have encountered darkness in this place.  A magical darkness spell has been cast and everyone is enveloped within.  As the party braces for battle, a mysterious foe attacks Tiffy, nearly killing her with a single surprise attack, and we stop here.